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Are you suffering from headaches, neck pain, or jaw pain? These are some of the common symptoms of a TMJ disorder. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the joint connecting your lower jaw to your skull. The TMJ is not only responsible for moving your jaw but also acts as a shock absorber for your skull. Problems with this joint can cause abnormal movements of the jaw that can have adverse effects on the teeth and surrounding muscles and joints.

What is a TMJ disorder?

A TMJ disorder is a condition that affects the area where your upper and lower jaws meet. This is usually caused by disc displacement or injury to the jaw, resulting in pain when chewing, talking, or even something as simple as opening your mouth too wide. Although TMJ disorders are common, there are some factors that make you more susceptible to getting the disorder, such as jaw injury or arthritis. In addition, women are at a higher risk for developing this condition as it affects them twice as often as men.

What are the symptoms of TMJ disorder?

The symptoms of TMJ disorder are quite variable, but there are some common signs to look for. Symptoms may include:  

  • Stiffness of the jaw muscle
  • Limited movement and locking of your jaw
  • Radiating pain in the jaw, face, or neck
  • Grating of the jaw as your mouth opens
  • Changes in the way upper and lower teeth mesh together
  • Difficulty opening your mouth fully
  • Stiffness in the neck or shoulders  

Pain in the chewing muscles is also common for people with this disorder. You may also feel some tenderness in the joint that is adjacent to your ear. Many individuals with TMJ disorders also complain of a popping or clicking sensation as they open and close their mouths.  

What causes a TMJ disorder?

A TMJ disorder is often caused by disc displacement and is quite common among people who clench or grind their teeth. This makes sense as the constant pressure on the disc could weaken the bones and cause them to break, leading to the displacement of the disc. 

  • Improper positioning of teeth
  • Stress from muscle tightness
  • Poor neck posture that increases strain
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

How is a TMJ disorder treated?

Treatment for a TMJ disorder typically consists of conservative measures to reduce pain and improve function. Living with chronic pain can be life-altering, so it’s important to seek out the proper treatment for this disorder. Our experienced chiropractors at Elswick Chiropractic & Associates will provide the right care plan to address your TMJ disorder symptoms and get you back on track.  

Chiropractic care is an important part of helping you heal from TMJ disorder symptoms. Gentle adjustments can help reduce pain by balancing muscle tension, which provides more space in the joints and reduces the pressure put on the discs. By balancing muscle tension, we can help your muscles relax and reduce their spasms that cause pain and discomfort. We also provide very gentle traction to help relieve pressure in the neck and adjust your upper spine to improve posture, alignment, and function.

Get Rid of Your Jaw Pain with Quality Chiropractic Care in Lexington, KY

At Elswick Chiropractic & Associates, we understand that a TMJ disorder can occur suddenly or develop over time. Whatever your reason for seeking treatment, our chiropractors will create an individualized plan to suit your needs and help you with relief from your jaw pain.

If you are dealing with a TMJ disorder, don’t wait any longer to get the treatment you need. Call us today at (859) 279-4490 to schedule a free initial consultation and start your road to recovery. We look forward to hearing from you!


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