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Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Lexington, KY | Elswick Chiropractic & Associates

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column that typically affects individuals as they age. It can lead to pain and decreased strength in the muscles that control leg movement, making it difficult to walk or stand upright. In addition, chronic back pain may develop due to inflammation of tissues surrounding the spine.

Spinal stenosis is divided into two categories. These categories are based on where the condition occurs in the spine. A person can have multiple types of spinal stenosis, including:

  • Lumbar Stenosis: This condition affects the lower part of the spine. It is the most common type of spinal stenosis.
  • Cervical Stenosis: This is a condition that affects the part of the spine in the neck. 

Causes of Spinal Stenosis

As you age, your spinal discs begin to break down which can lead to disc herniation and the development of spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is often seen in people aged 50 and older because this is when osteoarthritis begins to affect a person’s spine. Bone spurs on the spine can also cause spinal stenosis, and women are at a higher risk of developing spinal stenosis compared to men.

Being obese can also cause changes in the body’s mechanics that increase stress on the lumbar spine, which can lead to degenerative disc disease and the onset of spinal stenosis.

Having a sedentary lifestyle can also increase strain on the lumbar spine leading to the development of spinal stenosis. Previous injuries, repetitive motion injuries, and degenerative disc diseases are other causes of spinal stenosis.

Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

Early symptoms of spinal stenosis include tingling or numbness in the legs along with muscle weakness. Other common symptoms are back pain, leg pain, and stiffness. As the condition worsens, walking upstairs or inclines becomes more difficult because of the lack of proper support the spine provides to the legs.

A doctor can typically diagnose spinal stenosis during a physical examination. Tests such as an MRI can help confirm the presence of spinal stenosis. An X-ray may also be ordered to look for fractures or bone spurs that could cause or worsen the condition.

Safe and Effective Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Lexington, KY

Elswick Chiropractic & Associates believes in finding a spinal stenosis treatment that can reduce your pain and decrease your dependence on medication. In fact, chiropractic treatment can decrease pain and increase mobility for individuals suffering from spinal stenosis.

There is sufficient evidence showing that non-invasive treatments are effective in minimizing some of the symptoms of spinal stenosis. Chiropractic care is particularly beneficial because it can realign dislocated and herniated discs. This may minimize the pressure on the spinal cord and spinal cord joints, also relieving pressure on the nerve network.

At Elswick Chiropractic & Associates, we use manual manipulation to address spinal stenosis. Our chiropractors may also use mechanical tools that can help with the numbness and restore muscle function. We also help patients by recommending personalized physiotherapy and exercise routines. The end goal of all our treatments is to increase strength and flexibility as well as improve spinal support.

If you have symptoms of spinal stenosis or have been diagnosed with this condition, contact Elswick Chiropractic & Associates to learn more about our non-invasive treatment options. Our team of experienced chiropractors is committed to helping you find the right treatment for your specific needs.

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