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Headaches are one of the most common reasons why people seek medical treatment. There are many types of headaches, some triggered by stress or physical activity, while others are symptoms of more serious conditions. At Elswick Chiropractic & Associates, we can help you determine whether your headache is just a minor annoyance or something that requires further attention. We can also help you manage your headache using non-surgical methods, including massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and more.

Chiropractic Treatment for Different Types of Headaches

There are several types of headaches that can be treated effectively without medication. If you are suffering from chronic or frequent headaches, our Lexington, KY chiropractor may be able to help.

In general, chiropractic care can help ease the pain caused by cervicogenic headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines. 

Cervicogenic Headaches 

Cervicogenic headaches are caused by referred pain from the neck. (A “referred pain” is when you feel pain in one part of the body that is caused by an injury to another part of the body.) This type of headache usually causes pain only on one side of the head, face, or neck. The pain is typically a steady ache or a dull pain. Your pain may get worse when you turn your head.

Symptoms of cervicogenic headaches may be similar to those of migraines or tension headaches. Some people who suffer from these headaches have neck pain too. Other common symptoms include reduced neck flexibility, shoulder and arm pain on the same side as the headache, and pain that starts in the neck but spreads to the forehead, temples, ears, and the area around the eyes.

Tension Headaches

A tension headache is a tightness or dull pain around the back of your head and neck and/or forehead. Some people have pain along the side of the head too. It can feel as if something is clamping your skull. If you have more than 15 tension headaches a month, they are considered chronic tension headaches. Fewer than 15 a month are episodic tension headaches.

Tension-type headaches can tighten the muscles in your jaw, neck, and shoulders. The temporomandibular joints in your jaw can become irritated, leading to TMJ disorder symptoms. You might experience mild sensitivity to light or noise, but tension headaches don’t significantly affect your balance, vision, or strength.

Cluster Headaches

A cluster headache causes pain around your eye, in your eye, or on one side of the head. Unlike tension headaches that have a slow start, cluster headaches tend to suddenly occur. Nausea and aura are two symptoms that sometimes occur before the pain. Eye pain can radiate out into your entire face. Other symptoms of cluster headaches include restlessness, pale skin, face flushing, drooping eyelid, eye redness, stuffy nose on the affected side, and your forehead or face sweating on the affected side.


Migraines are severe headaches that typically last for several hours or even days. They often come with nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine symptoms may include seeing flashing lights or aura, sensory disturbances, confusion, stiffness in your neck, nausea, being sensitive to smell or certain food odors, changes in sleep patterns, fatigue, depression, or mood changes.

Causes of Headaches and Migraines

Migraines and other headaches can be caused or worsened by eyestrain, fatigue, lack of sleep, hunger, strong odors such as perfumes and smoke, weather changes (such as when it is very hot or cold), allergies to things like gluten in your diet, and stress. Hormonal changes can also trigger a migraine in some women.

It is important to stay away from these triggers as much as possible to help reduce the frequency of your headaches. You also should keep track of all your headache triggers so you can avoid them in the future.

Find Headache Treatment and Relief at Elswick Chiropractic & Associates

You shouldn’t have to live with the pain of headaches or migraines. At Elswick Chiropractic & Associates, we offer a wide range of chiropractic services, including gentle adjustments and physical therapy that can help you find relief from your headaches.

Elswick Chiropractic & Associates offers a multidisciplinary approach to our treatment plans. Contact us today at (859) 279-4490 and discover why we are the number one choice for headache treatment in Lexington, KY.

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Headache Treatment Elswick Chiropractic & Associates offers a multidisciplinary approach to our treatment plans. Contact us today at (859) 279-4490 and discover why we are the number one choice for headache treatment in Lexington, KY. #1 Chiropractor Lexington, KY | Elswick Chiropractic

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