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Personalized Chiropractic Treatment

At Elswick Chiropractic & Associates, once our chiropractor understands your condition and its severity we will explain your diagnosis and answer your questions. Next, we will create a personalized chiropractic treatment plan that includes various chiropractic modalities and recommend the best treatment schedule in order to help reduce your pain and heal your injuries.

At first, your treatment schedule may include multiple visits each week. However, as you begin to recover and feel better, you may need fewer treatments each week. Eventually, you will be given a maintenance plan to help maintain your health and wellness and help prevent future injuries and pain. The maintenance chiropractic treatments also help address any concerns you may have since your last visit.

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Do You Need Chiropractic Treatment?

If you are experiencing frequent or chronic pain in your joints, muscles, or neck and back area, you may be due for a chiropractic visit. Pain can be attributed to many sources, whether you were recently in an automobile accident, sit for long periods of time, or had or are suffering from an injury. Chiropractic treatment can also help alleviate chronic headaches and allow you to live a healthier lifestyle with less pain.

These are all indications of a misalignment causing your body pain. Our chiropractic treatment plans are often able to help your symptoms without the use of medication and with longer lasting results.

A great way to find out if you could benefit from chiropractic treatment is by visiting our office. One of our highly skilled and experienced chiropractors will examine you and determine the best course of action to address any problems you may be having.

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We treat all our patients just like family. We offer chiropractic, exercise science, and massage therapy in one office. Our top priority is to safeguard your well-being.

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