Tyler Lemaster, DC

Dr. Tyler Lemaster

Dr. Tyler Lemaster joined the experienced team at Elswick Chiropractic and Associates in December 2017 following his graduation from Logan University.

Getting Started

This is not Tyler’s first rodeo with the Elswick team; he was a staff member working as a CA from 2013-2014 prior to his decision to attend graduate school where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. During his previous time with the Elswick staff he became proficient with patient care and communication which ultimately led him into the chiropractic profession.
“People always ask why I chose to become a chiropractor and how I got involved in the field of chiropractic. My reasoning for choosing this career path has always been focused on my sports background. I became involved in athletics at an early age and played through college, which led me to want a profession where I’m able to use my body and be physical. Chiropractic not only provides me an avenue to heal patients with my hands, it also addresses a serious issue I faced growing up in eastern Kentucky. I was born and raised in a community burdened by an opioid epidemic which made the prospect of non-narcotic pain management even more appealing to me.”


I began my academic career following my high school graduation by attending Eastern Kentucky University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology degree. Following this endeavor, I was led to St Louis, Missouri, in pursuit of the Doctor of Chiropractic degree which was completed December 16th 2017, just prior to making the move back to the bluegrass.

Additional Training

I was fortunate enough to be chosen for a prestigious externship with the 375th Medical Group at Scott Airforce Base in Shiloh, Illinois, where I spent the last 8 months of my graduate level education. I served under the tutelage of former Missouri state legislature Dr. Charles Portwood, where I was able to grow and sharpen my clinical and diagnostic skills while working to provide care for our active duty military. Every 4 months, two individuals are chosen from across the nation to participate in the program and garner experience from one of the best chiropractors in the U.S. I was fortunate enough to accrue 1500 patient adjustments, become proficient in musculoskeletal anatomy, hone my clinical and radiologic diagnostic skills all while doing what I love and giving back to the men and women who serve our country.

About me

I was born and raised in Paintsville, Kentucky, where I attended Paintsville High School and participated in numerous school affiliated activities including baseball, basketball, track, cross country and soccer along with participation in the school’s academic team and quick recall program. My educational path led me to Richmond, Kentucky, where I earned a BS in Biology premedical science from Eastern Kentucky University. While in the Richmond area I fell in love with the city of Lexington and, for this reason, I chose to return to my roots following my completion of the Doctor of Chiropractic program. I’m an avid weight lifter/sports junkie and prefer spending time outside when the weather permits. I have an Australian Shepherd named Jake, whose fur will inevitably be seen on my scrubs, that appreciates spending time with me on my days off. I look forward to serving Lexington and the surrounding bluegrass area for all your chiropractic needs.


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Tyler Lemaster, DC Dr. Tyler Lemaster joined the experienced team at Elswick Chiropractic and Associates in December 2017 following his graduation from Logan University. #1 Chiropractor Lexington, KY | Elswick Chiropractic

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